2023/10/26 UPDATE-【Cloud Design 5.0】【Advanced Tool】【Panorama Editor】

【Cloud Design 5.0】Operable connection points


At the junction of walls, add operable connection points to quickly modify the endpoint positions of the connected walls using these connection points


Cloud Design 5.0


When drawing walls, if two walls intersect, a connection point will be displayed at the intersection. You can manipulate this connection point to move the endpoints of both walls and adjust the position


For intersecting walls with equal widths and located on the same horizontal line, you can double-click on the connection point to merge the walls.

【Advanced Tool】Export US Standard Cabinet List in CSV file


Support designers to export the US Standard Cabinet List in CSV file and be able to directly recognize the model information in their management system, enabling quick order generation.

Aim User

Enterprise (Need to configure)


Step 1: After completing the project, click 【Toolkit】-【US Standard Cabinet List Export】

Step 2: Fill in the order information and click 【Export】

Step 3: Designers can download the CSV file of the US Standard Cabinet List


Support the use of models from the Coohom Manufacturer Catalog and export model information.

【Panorama Editor】Added roaming room Settings


Panorama Editor, previously exclusive to businesses, is now available to paid users!


This feature allows users to regenerate the roaming and freely adjust the names, order, and inclusion of panoramic images for each scene within the roaming room.


Click【Light 720 Tour】 - 【Panorama Editor 】-【 Settings】-【 Roaming Room Setting】