【2023 October】What's New

【Cloud Design 5.0】Operable Connection Points


At the junction of walls, add operable connection points to quickly modify the endpoint positions of the connected walls using these connection points


Cloud Design 5.0


When drawing walls, if two walls intersect, a connection point will be displayed at the intersection. You can manipulate this connection point to move the endpoints of both walls and adjust the position


For intersecting walls with equal widths and located on the same horizontal line, you can double-click on the connection point to merge the walls.

【Advanced Tool】Export US Standard Cabinet List in CSV file


Support designers to export the US Standard Cabinet List in CSV file and be able to directly recognize the model information in their management system, enabling quick order generation.

Aim User

Enterprise (Need to configure)


Step 1: After completing the project, click 【Toolkit】-【US Standard Cabinet List Export】

Step 2: Fill in the order information and click 【Export】

Step 3: Designers can download the CSV file of the US Standard Cabinet List


Support the use of models from the Coohom Manufacturer Catalog and export model information.

【Model】Support privatization setting for enterprise catalog


Users can choose to make the Furniture models from the enterprise catalog public on the Coohom Public Library or keep them private. If they choose to make them public, it will allow more Coohom designers to use them, providing ample opportunities for display and exposure for users. If they choose to keep them private, the models will be displayed only in their own enterprise catalog

Aim Users



Step 1: Go to Enterprise Background

Step 2: Click on 【Setting】-【Customization】

Step 3: In 【Model Privatization Setting】 select 【Public】or 【Private】

【Panorama Editor】Add Hotspots, Lens settings and Roaming Room Settings


Panorama Editor, previously exclusive to businesses, is now available to paid users!

New Function

  • Hotspots


Now there exist six types of hotspots: text, image, link, audio, video, and scene.

Each type of hotspot supports a variety of hotspot icons to be chosen.

Text hotspot: Viewers can see text descriptions when they click on the hotspot.

Image hotspot: Viewers can see images uploaded by the creator when they click on the hotspot. Multiple images can be uploaded for display.

Link hotspot: Viewers can see the link and directly redirect to the corresponding webpage by clicking on the hotspot.

Audio hotspot: Viewers can listen to audio uploaded by the creator when they click on the hotspot.

Video hotspot: Viewers can watch videos uploaded by the creator or videos generated within Coohom when they click on the hotspot.

Scene hotspot: This hotspot only appears in 720 roaming. It allows configuration of hotspot styles that navigate between different panoramas in the 720 roaming.

  • Lens settings

Lens settings

Lens settings control the initial viewing angle when entering the panorama.

  • Roaming Room Settings

Roaming Room Settings

This feature allows users to regenerate the roaming and freely adjust the names, order, and inclusion of panoramic images for each scene within the roaming room.


Click【Light 720 Tour】 - 【Panorama Editor 】-【 Settings】-【 Roaming Room Setting】

【3D Viewer】3D Viewer configurator and 3D Viewer Sets support displaying the overall dimensions


When users adjust the size dimension of configurator or set models, they can visually see the real-time changes in the model's dimensions in the display. The 3D Viewer also supports both millimeter and imperial unit measurements.

Aim Users



When users view the effects of parameterized or combinatorial cool product models, they can click on 【Dimension】 to access the size information.

By opening the dimension display, users can see the current 3D dimensions of the model (not the product dimensions). Additionally, when users modify the size, style, and material, or replace parts of the model, the dimension display will dynamically update with real-time numerical and visual changes.

【3D Viewer】Model viewer SDK supports a custom material replacement dashboard


Users are allowed to customize the size and scale of the material dashboard. This enables users to blend necessary elements within the 3D viewer display interface

Aim Users



1) Allow customers to modify the proportions of the material replacement dashboard.

2) Allow customers to default to collapsing or expanding the material replacement dashboard.

3) Allow customers to hide the button of the material replacement dashboard.