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2023/11/02 UPDATE-【Construction】【3D Viewer】【Photo Studio】【Inspiration Spaces】
2023/11/02 UPDATE-【Construction】【3D Viewer】【Photo Studio】【Inspiration Spaces】
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【Construction】 Accurate Copy

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Currently, only the whitelisted users have access. Users can contact CSC to join the whitelist and experience this capability with priority


- Construction Ceiling Design Tool

- Wall Design Tool

- Supports precise model-to-model copy

Supported object ranges

  • Custom area

  • Finished models


1. Select the model (shaping area or model).

2. Click on the 【Precise copy】

3. Select the starting point for the copy. You can choose from 9 different model points for snapping, including the midpoint, center point, and endpoints.

4. Select the endpoint for copy. You can input the numerical value through the dimension line or press Enter twice to confirm the position.

【Construction】Guidelines Quick Array

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All Coohom Users


1. Added shortcut key (Shift+A) for quickly arraying guidelines.

2. Supported record of the previous guideline array settings, including quantity/spacing mode and specific values.

3. Supported snapping CAD background when drawing reference lines.

4. Enhanced selection interaction for reference lines, making them easier to select.

5. Optimized the display of reference lines for a clearer visualization.

【3D Viewer】Supporting to Save the Product Configurations from AR on Mobile Devices


Supporting to save the current product configurations in 3D Interface after Viewing AR

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Step1:Complete the product configuration selection in the 3D interface, click 【AR】to view the AR effect.

When the user finishes viewing and returns to the 3D Viewer page, their configuration will be saved as the current AR product configuration.

【Photo Studio】Imported Products will display the name of the current owner

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When users enter the Photo Studio to select models, the name of the source party for each model should be updated in real time based on their current account name.

【Inspiration Spaces】Performance Optimization

  • Significantly improved the open speed of sample rooms.

  • Users are now allowed to set the unit of measurement in the enterprise backend (creating textures, patterns, custom patterns, uploading furniture models). After setting the unit, both the tools and backend areas that display measurement units will synchronize and show the selected unit.

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