2023/11/23 UPDATE-【Inspiration Spaces】【Photo Studio1.0】

【Inspiration Spaces】Configure Default Display Settings for Submission Popup


Support the admin and manager accounts to control the submission popup's default display when users open the Inspiration Spaces display page. If choose to display, the submission popup will be displayed on the right side by default. If choose to collapse, only the submission popup icon will be shown in the upper right corner, requiring users to click it to display the popup.

Aim User

Enterprise admin or manager accounts


Step1: Click【Settings】 to enter the Inspiration Space settings backend, then select【General Settings】

Step2: Choose to display or Collapse submission popup

【Photo Studio1.0】Support to upgrade 8K resolution for images


Previously, the default resolution of Photo Studio was 4K, and users were unable to adjust the resolution. With the latest update, we support users to upgrade their already generated 4K images to 8K.

Aim Users

Enterprise User


Step1:Select the image from the album and view details

Step2:Choose【Edit Images】-【Upgrade to 8K】