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Lastest Coohom news and product Updates in Coohom

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2023/10/26 UPDATE-【Cloud Design 5.0】【Advanced Tool】【Panorama Editor】
2023/10/19 UPDATE-【Model】【Panorama Editor】
2023/10/12 UPDATE-【3D Viewer】
2023/9/28 UPDATE-【Construction】【Design Tool】【Panorama】【Product Management】【Precise Layout】
2023/9/21 UPDATE-【SaaS】【Inspiration Spaces】【Photo Studio】
2023/9/14 UPDATE-【Construction Drawings】【3D Viewer】【Photo Studio】
2023/9/7 UPDATE-【3D Viewer】
Panorama Editor: Available To Paid Users
【Enterprise Catalog】Set Default Currency
2023/8/24 UPDATE-【Design Tool】【 Floor Plan Drawing】【Advanced Tool】【Enterprise Background】【Inspiration Spaces】【Photo Studio】
A New Experience for Lightning-Fast Renderings!
2023/6/15 UPDATE-【Construction Drawing】
PRODUCT UPDATE-Coohom & AIGC | Connecting AI and 3D Space to Create Better Lifestyle
PRODUCT UPDATE- Material&Component
PRODUCT UPDATE-【Construction Drawing】
Public Model Library in Multi-Language
PRODUCT UPDATE-【Hard Decoration】【3D Viewer】
PRODUCT UPDATE-【Freetrial Modification 】and【construction drawings】
PRODUCT UPDATE: Watermark Customization for Pro users
PRODUCT UPDATE: Video Templates
PRODUCT UPDATE: Create New Project
PRODUCT UPDATE: Studio Collection
PRODUCT UPDATE: Display Local Currency
PRODUCT UPDATE: Smart 720 Tour Changes
2023/11/02 UPDATE-【Construction】【3D Viewer】【Photo Studio】【Inspiration Spaces】
2023/11/09 UPDATE-【SaaS】【Construction Drawing】【3D Viewer】【Photo Studio】
2023/11/16 UPDATE-【Photo Studio1.0】【Inspiration Spaces】
2023/11/23 UPDATE-【Inspiration Spaces】【Photo Studio1.0】