New Kitchen & Bath Design Tool Tutorial

New Kitchen & Bath Design Tool Tutorial


The New Kitchen & Bath Design Tool is a professional design tool tailored for kitchen and bathroom designers. In comparison to the original 3D design tools, the new tool simplifies the design process and expands the range of kitchen and bathroom models. This enables designers to accomplish their kitchen and bathroom space designs more efficiently and swiftly.

Target Users

Kitchen and bathroom designers.

Product designers for kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturers.


Step 1: Access the Workspace

In the designer's workspace, when creating a plan, click "Create New KB Project" to enter the new Kitchen & Bath Design Tool.

Step 2: Access the Tool

After entering the tool, you can directly start designing or choose a design template.

After accessing the tool, you will notice that it is divided into three modules: the left sidebar, the top bar, and the right sidebar.

Left Sidebar: This module contains the five core steps for delivering a project: floor plan drawing, kitchen and bathroom area drawing, adding decorations, rendering images or videos, and viewing construction drawings.

Top Bar: This module provides quick operations such as saving, undoing actions, clearing operations, and more.

Right Sidebar: This module presents previews of different perspectives of the room, as well as a display area for the details of a selected model.

Step 3: Draw the Floor Plan

In the floor plan drawing area, you can create an enclosed floor plan by selecting rectangular walls, single walls, or curved walls. Additionally, you can add doors, windows, and pillars to the floor plan you draw.

Step 3: Draw the Kitchen and Bathroom Area

In the kitchen and bathroom drawing area, you can use models from the model library to place and draw cabinets and appliances in the kitchen and bathroom area.

You can also use the generation tool to generate modules such as countertops, moldings, toe kicks, sinks, and stoves, etc.

Step 4: Add Decorations

In this area, you will find millions of furniture and decorative items for you to select and use. You can directly drag and drop models into the space to enrich your kitchen and bathroom design.

Step 5: Render Images or Videos

In this area, you can render front view, top view, 360 walkthrough images, and videos, as well as set your desired lighting and exterior views to comprehensively present your design project.

Step 6: View Construction Drawings

If, after delivering your project to the consumer, construction workers need to reference construction drawings, you can click the last button to view the construction drawings for your project.