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New Update: Regarding Downloading Of Construction Drawing And Floor Plan Drawing

Dear Coohomers,
Thank you for your past support, which we truly appreciate.We've had a great journey together, and now we have an important update to share.The feature of downloading construction drawings  and floor plan drawings will be no longer provided for new Coohom Pro accounts. But we will keep this feature to our Coohom existing Pro accounts, therefore please upgrade to Coohom Pro accounts (applicable to auto-renew plans ONLY) before *March 12th,2024. Kindly check for full details here in the list https://www.coohom.com/pricing. If you not done so, any new purchase of Pro accounts or discountinued Pro accounts will not get the feature anymore 12th March, 2024.
For any questions, please contact Live Chat or email to support@coohom.com
Simple FAQ:
Q: If I have a basic account and want to upgrade now to Pro, will I get the construction drawing feature?
A: You will get the download construction drawing feature if you upgrade Coohom Pro MONTHLY OR ANNUAL AUTO-RENEWAL, namely payment using a credit card or funds. If you choose the Coohom Pro subscription option, paying once for 1 month or 1 year, you will not get this feature. MAKE SURE you upgrade before March 12 2024 or the last upgrade will be at 23:59, March 11 2024.
Q: If I have an active subscription to a Pro Coohom account with a payment method for a month or a year using a bank transfer, will I get the construction drawing feature?
A: No, only MONTHLY OR ANNUAL AUTO RENEWAL payment methods.
Q: If I upgrade the auto-renewal pro account after 23:59 on March 11 2024. Will I get the download construction drawing feature?
A: No. Only the last pro auto-renewal account purchase is 23:59 on March 11, 2024 or before March 12, 2024.
Q: If I am currently actively subscribing to a pro account (1 month or 1 year payment) or not auto-renewal. Can I change my account to Auto-renewal?
A: Yes, you can change to Auto-renewal via the website www.coohom.com/pricing and choose the Auto-renewal package and get the construction drawing download feature if you upgrade before March 12 2024.
To check whether you have an auto-renewal PRO plan or not, kindly refer to the screenshots below. 
Auto-renewal PRO plan
One-time plan