Real-time Lighting Is Launched In Coohom

Dear Coohomers,

We are excited to announce the launch of the Real-time Lighting function in Rendering. 

It adopts new cloud real-time lighting rendering technology to bring instant feedback design experience. Users can preview the final lighting rendering effect in real time while adjusting lighting, materials, and post-processing parameters.

Through the least rendering technology, you can have a real-time preview of the lighting, materials and environment effects in the process of adjusting.

Introduction to key functions and operations:

Create a real-time lighting template: Rendering environment - real-time lighting - add/edit lighting template

Enter the real-time lighting preview environment:

When moving the canvas and adjusting material and lighting parameters, the camera perspective will be rendered in real time, allowing you to observe the design effect in real time.

Supports full screen preview/split screen preview modes, you can click the top bar to switch

Environmental adjustments:

  1. Supports adjusting sunlight and ambient light, and controlling the main light source and exterior effects of the scene
  2. The location library provides a variety of location textures, and users can also upload their own location pictures.

Adjust the light source:

  1. Click the light source icon to adjust the light source position and effect parameters
  2. Currently, it supports 5 common light sources, rectangular surface light source, circular surface light source, point light source, spotlight, and ies light source. Users can make flexible light source settings according to scene needs.

Adjust the material:

  1. In the real-time lighting preview environment, materials can also be easily adjusted and replaced to achieve the best solution effect.
  2. Select the model part, you can adjust the material parameters in the right column, or click "Replace" to change the material. The public library provides a wealth of high-quality materials to choose from.

Effect settings:

  1. Rendering parameters: In the right column, you can set rendering parameters such as exposure, ambient light blocking, and noise reduction to obtain a more realistic rendering picture.
  2. Post-processing: By using beautification parameters and LUT filters, you can set the color of the picture to make the overall effect of the picture more coordinated. Currently, 4 sets of parameter presets and 8 LUTs are provided to facilitate quick switching of picture styles.

Important note:

  • Real-time lighting only supports tool of version 5.0.
  • Modifying and replacing materials in real-time lighting templates only takes effect on the current template.