Using and setting of cabinet package

When assembling cabinets, need to restricts some certain models only be used in specific cabinets, or certain components can only be applied to a certain type of cabinet.We can set cabinet package to achieve this effect.

Ⅰ Create material package


1.1 click advanced---range settings

1.2 Choose cabinet package configuration---New cabinet package

1.3 Enter information of cabinet package in information bar, name, type of product,


When object type is enumeration: click placed product and select cabinet, then click yes;

Also,select category to be object type,need to select cabinet category from cabinet library,as follows:

1.4 Click edit attributes of the corresponding model,next set up furniture pack and select cabinet package added before.

Now cabinet package is set completed. When cabinet using on design tool is meeting requirements of cabinet package, this cabinet package can be use successful.