Using and setting of Material package

Effect of material package:


Limit the types of materials used by the model. When the model replaces materials, it can only replace one or several specified materials. By setting a material package for the model, the purpose of restriction can be achieved.


Take door panels as an example. Depending on the requirements, all materials can be applied to a certain door panel, only some materials can be used to a certain door panel, or only a certain material can be used. In this case, the setting method is as follows:


ⅠCreate a new folder under material folder

Place the materials that may be used in this corresponding folder.


Ⅱ Create material package


2.1 click advanced---range settings

2.2 Choose material package configuration---New material package

2.3 Enter information of material package in information bar, name, type of product,


When object type is category:click placed product and select product catalog, then click yes;

Also,select enumeration to be object type,need to select certain single material in library

Click Yes when finished.


Ⅲ Add material package in editer


3.1 Modify material type in model edit page,data type select options; material range select a material package,

And select a certain material, this model is given a certain material.

3.2 For sub-models in the model, if also need to set a material package, need to set the corresponding material package at the advanced parameters of the corresponding sub-model. Of course, for different models using the same sub-model, need to set different When adding a material package, it is recommended to save this sub-model and then set the material package again.


 Following the above steps, the material package of the model is added. If want to add materials to the model, need to add the additional materials to the material package.