Using and setting of Style package

Restrict the range of replacement for components that need to be replaced in design tools.

ⅠCreate a new folder under material folder


1.1 click advanced---range settings

1.2 Choose style package configuration---New style package

1.3 New style package:

   Name: Custom naming based on replaced attributes

   Type project: based on project type

   Type object: enumeration/category (enumeration select certain single object, category select catalog.)

Type object is enumeration---click placed product and select single product, then click yes;

Type object is category---click placed product and select product catalog, then click yes;

Ⅱ Add style package to modeling

Add style pack on design attribute,select a style package from library.

Finally,door style can be use and replace on design dools.When components are replaced, only all models of this door style category will appear in the options.