The photo studio is based on model processing, material processing, light processing, and rendering technology, which provides a virtual studio shooting function to quickly get product pictures of photo level, HD, multi-angle and multi-scene.

1.Log into your enterprise account, find the uploaded model and click Add to Photo Studio

2.Click Photo Studio to enter the product list, and click Render to enter the studio list

3.Select one scenario in a public studio and click "shoot" to start rendering

Take your renderings the next day.

4.After rendering, enter the Product List to view

It can also be downloaded to get high-quality renderings as jpg files.

You can see your operation details by clicking Details.



You can preview the photo by Speed First and Effect First options.

You can also put your favorite studio template into the My Favorite section, next time you can choose the one you like faster.

After you shoot your furniture, you can choose the Landscaping

function to adjust your rendering.

By clicking Local in the left panel, you can also choose a specific area to the landscape.


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