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Definitions on Images/Videos Interface

Terms you must know in Coohom Render Studio

  • Basics

1. Resolution: Standard/HD/4K Rendering: Resolution defines the sharpness of your rendering image.

2. Front View/Aerial View

3. Panorama

Panorama is a 360° overview of your design

4. 720 Walk-through Tour:

720 Walk-through Tour is a way of design and product display that can connect your client closer to you. Here is an example:

5. Roaming Video:

Roaming Video is a way of video illustration of your project.

Currently, it is available only on enterprise account.

  • Right Bar: Camera settings

Right Bar: Camera settings

6. FOV: Field of view

By adjusting the Field of view(FOV), you can extend your view sight.

7. Clipping:

Cut your view sight, and create a realistic view. We use clipping usually when it comes to a small room like a bathroom.

8. Camera Correction: A rectification method for perspective images of scene planes using multiple constraints was proposed in this paper without knowing any camera parameters.

  • Snapshots


You can get smart perspective, and save camera angle for the perspective of your renderings.

9. Smart perspective

10. Save camera angle

  • Left bar - Render Studio

Left bar - Render Studio

11. Aspect Ratios

12. Ambient Lights

13. Realistic/Equilibrium:

14. Environment:

  • Environment


15. Exposure

16. Noise reduction: Reducing the noise can help you to improve the quality of the darker scene, for example, a night view.

17. Dazzling

18. Color Enhancement

  • Customize lights:

Customize lights:

19. Light source: Basic lights/Volumetric Lights/IES Lights

20. Basic lights/Volumetric Lights/IES Lights

  • Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

21. Color Correction

22. Impact Highlights

23. Hardened light straps use a new material

24. Ambient Occlusion

25. Specular Reflection

  • Enhance Image

Enhance Image

26. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpen, Hue, Levels, Temperature

27. Smart Beautification

28. Filter

29. Background virtualization

30. Degree of Virtualization

31. Focus depth

32. Texture Enhancement