Kitchen & Bath: One Integrated Platform

Try Coohom 's newest set of design tools for Kitchen & Bath.


These features aim to provide professional designers with comprehensive one-stop services such as bathroom design drawing, panoramic display, solution quotation, order delivery, order management, and much more; all within the same platform.

With this suite of tools, you will be able to design custom cabinets and wardrobes, work on project designs within a 3D setting, and render high-quality HD resolution images within one minute at the click of a button.



  • Thousands of new 3D models for kitchen and bath furniture, cabinets, and more

  • Complete support for parametric modeling and custom furniture design

  • Full compatibility with industry-standard disassembly software


For more details, please check this video.




What makes Coohom Kitchen and Bath unique


1. Simple Yet Powerful

  • Easy to use: Completely web-based, eliminating the need for cumbersome installations and allowing users to sign in and start designing anywhere they have access to the web

  • Full parametric design: Design custom cabinets, wardrobes, and more

  • One-stop interior design: Complete floor planning, construction design, kitchen & bath, decor, and more; all within the same platform


2. 1-Minute Rendering

  • Using its proprietary rendering solution, Coohom generates high-quality, photorealistic room scenes in less than 60 seconds.

  • Coohom also supports piecing together panorama renderings to generate walk-through tours.


3. Up to 16K resolution

  • World-class rendering speeds

  • Panoramas and whole-home walk-throughs

  • Virtual reality is accessible via mobile devices


4. Construction Drawing Auto-Generation

  • Automatically generate construction drawings from any kitchen or bathroom design

  • Changes in 3D mode are automatically reflected in 2D drawings, and vice-versa

  • Edit online and export to DWG/JPG/PDF format


5. CAM Software Integration (this feature is only applicable for certain types of enterprise account)

  • Industry 4.0 interface: Coohom design data can be sent directly into a CAM platform for manufacturing

  • Coohom supports multiple CAM programs including HomagIX / WoodCAD|CAM, TopSolid, Cabinet Vision, and more

  • Increase efficiency by eliminating manual disassembly, back and forth communication, and offline data exchanges

How to Access Kitchen & Bath