Beginner's Guide 2023

New to Coohom? Browsing the quick-start manual is strongly recommended.



Only three steps to render perfect pictures and videos!

Step 1: Draw Floor Plan

Select the room tool. Click once to fix the start point of the room. When you get a satisfactory room, click another time to finish.

Then select the wall tool to add walls for creating more rooms if you like.

After that, you can add doors to access the rooms.

It is better if you have CAD or Image of your floor plan. You may use relative functions to import them easily.


Step 2: Decorating your rooms

Switch from 2D to 3D view.

You can use our huge public library to find whatever you want, including furniture, appliances, and finishes. You can try to find them in their categories, or you can just search for them.

Once you find what you like, you can simply drag them into your room. For example, you can drag the wallpaper from the library to your walls.

Step 3: Rendering your own images & videos

Here we come to the last step. Get into the rendering tool. Move your camera and find out the best sight in your room. After that just start rendering and leave other issues to our smart rendering system. Just wait a few seconds before getting your perfect images.

If you are interested in rendering videos, you can read more here which is also simple.

*Note: More specific functions explains in this picture.

Watch the video for Coohom Designer Basics: