What Rewards you will get:

  • For you:

    • 1000 points when per referral sign-up with mail

    • 300 points when per referral have first rendering

    • 1-month Pro membership for free per 10 referrals

  • For your referral

    • 1-month Pro membership for free

How to join into the program?

Sign up in our tool, and please click here.

Here is your refer-link. Copy it and share with your friends and workmates to join you working in Coohom.

How to get rewards and how to use them?

Rewards will be auto-sent within 7 work days after your friends sign up and/or render. You can check reward points or membership on user center > subscription, And you can click on “Redeem Coupon” to use points.

Other FAQ:

  1. What is our friend referral program?
    This program is an opportunity for you to earn free renderings and even free membership by referring Coohom to your audience and friends. It is a way for us to thank you for your efforts in helping new users find us!

  2. How does the program work?

    • Copy your referral link.

    • Share with your friends who are not yet Coohom users.

    • When they sign up with their mail and render, you both earn rewards!

  3. How many friends can I refer to Coohom?
    There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make, meaning you can keep earning free renderings and membership subscriptions!

  4. Where should I share my referral link?
    Anywhere your friends can access it! This could be your social media, groups, chats, design forums, and more.

  5. How quickly will I get my rewards?
    Rewards will be sent within 7 work days after your friends sign up/render and successfully pass through Coohom risk control assessment which is to assure the registrations are from genuine users ONLY.

  6. Do referral rewards expire?

    • For existing users who invited friends:

      • The points will be saved to your account when your friends sign up/render.

      • When there are more than 10 new users who completed their first rendering, you will get access to free Pro memberships, and you decide when to activate them.

      • To redeem your membership, please contact userservice@coohom.com by email and indicate the membership type, duration, and Coohom account email address.

    • For new users who just signed up via friends' link:

      • The free Pro membership is valid for 1-month after signup.

  7. What if a friend signs up but forgets to use my link?
    Only new users who utilize your referral link will be counted towards your rewards.

  8. How do I track my referral status?
    Please check your referral dashboard on our campaign page.

  9. Where can I reach out if my question wasn't answered here?
    Please go to our homepage and send us a live chat message with your question.

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