【Parametric】Door Opening Structure

The door frame structure solves the following problems:

In cases where front-end tools cannot directly generate doors for shower rooms, pentagonal cabinets, etc., and cannot be compatible with system attributes unique to doors such as embedded covers, indentation, door gaps, etc., the front-end tools also cannot operate these parameters, which is very limited. However, the door frame function solves the above problems.

A fast way to model a door panel is added in the editor, which can automatically calculate the position, size, and rotation of the door through the positioning of the door panel without the need for manual input.

The editing content of the door frame includes:

Position (X, Y, Z): The position of the lower-left corner corresponds to the positioning point of the left rear bottom of the door panel.

Size (W, H): Width (default direction of X+), height (default direction of Z+), corresponds to the width and height dimensions of the door panel.

Rotation (X, Y, Z): Rotation of the door frame plane along the three axes.

Other properties - Add door panel style: Directly select a door panel style from the model library popup window, and generate it automatically.

Note: The thickness parameter is not considered in the door frame setting. It is consistent with the replacement logic.

The door frame is a 2D that determines the size, position, and rotation of the door. By setting up the door frame through the editor, designers can place the door at the location of the door frame during the design process.