Cloud Design 5.0: How To Adjust Wall Height, Draw Low Walls And Columns

Function Introduction

1. What should you do if you cannot find the entrance to set low walls and columns when using Cloud Design 5.0 floor plan tool?

2. When a wall or column is selected, the height in the basic parameters on the right side of the screen is grayed out and cannot be modified. How can you modify the height of the wall?

Below are the steps to draw low walls and columns in Cloud Design 5.0 floor plan tool.

Open to All users

Operating Steps

1. Select the wall or column that needs to be modified to a low wall. If you want to modify multiple walls at the same time, hold down the "shift" key to select multiple walls.

2. After selecting the wall or column, set it to a low wall or column on the right sidebar, then enter the specific height in the input box.