[Construction Drawing] Common Issue - Dealing with System Lag


During the use of construction drawings, you may experience frame drops, lagging, or longer loading times while viewing or switching views, or when performing editing tasks such as annotations. This article provides some solutions to address these issues.

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  1. I feel laggy as soon as I enter the system. What should I do?

Firstly, Coohom has certain requirements for your computer configuration and network environment. You can refer to the article: The system requirements for Coohum.

II.When the design scheme has a large area and contains many placed models, how to alleviate lag?

1.You can delete or hide some overly detailed models, such as potted plants or ornaments.

2.You can replace large-area hard surface textures with approximate textures.

3.Excessive elevation views can also lead to lag. You can remove unnecessary elevation views and disable the automatic elevation function.

III.When the design scheme has a small area and few models but still experiences lag, what should I do?

1.It could be due to overly dense mosaic tiling in your kitchen or bathroom. You can replace the tiling with approximate textures.

2.If you've uploaded overly complex models in the "Free Modeling" feature, it might lead to decreased system performance. It's recommended to optimize the model or use models from the "Material Library."

 IV.The view list on the right side of the layout drawing loads very slowly, what should I do?

You can click the button shown in the figure in the view list on the right side of the page to switch to list mode.