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How to Generate 720 Walkthrough virtual tour?
How to Generate 720 Walkthrough virtual tour?

What is a 720 Walk-Through Tour and how to generate step by step

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  • What is a 720 Walk-Through Tour?

720 Walk-Through Tours can be understood as a series of Panoramas. Here comes a video illustration:

or our inspiration navigation:


  • Intuitive: 3D roaming map to see what you will get

  • Interactive: on-screen display

  • Extensive: powerfully improved "screen effect"

  • Collaborative: independent application and function support

  1. Generate a lot of Panorama renderings for your project.

  2. Go to My project - View Project - 720 tour, Click Generate 720 tour.

  3. Pick up the Panorama and generate the 720 tours.


  • Make sure every room is closure by doors

  • You can rename Panoramas to make it correctly shown on that tour.

  • Only one 720 Tour rendering can be categorized into your project. Be careful in case it was covered by a new one.

Watch a video tutorial:

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