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Get Started: Coohom From Basic to Advanced

To become expert step by step

1. Take a look of all Coohom features

Beginner's Guide Year 2023

Tutorial Video: Coohom Designer Basics

2. Know how to draw a floorplan and decorate your room


Coohom Basics | How to Draw Floor Plan From Scratch

Coohom Basic | How to Draw a Floorplan | Interior Design

Coohom Basics | How to Change the Unit of Measurement

Coohom Basics | How to Use Public Model Library

Coohom Basics | How to Group and Ungroup Models

Coohom Basics | How to Upload 3D Models from Sketchup & 3ds Max


4 ways to create new project in Coohom

How to modify room type

How to draw balcony/terrance/patio

How to unhide exterior walls

How to modify room name/measurement

3. Painting, paving, and molding with the advanced tool: Construction


Coohom Advanced | How to Draw Decoration Wall Panels

Coohom Advanced | How to Change the Texture of The Floor

Coohom Advanced | How to Draw Staircases in Construction Tool

Coohom Advanced | How to Add Hidden Light Stripes on Walls or Ceilings

Coohom Advanced | How to Draw Array Decoration on the Ceiling


How to use Construction in Advanced Tool

How to use Push/Pull button

How to use Measure tool

4. Learn how to make a good rendering


Coohom Advanced I How to Adjust Sunlight

Coohom Advanced I How to Set Camera and Save Perspectives

Coohom Advanced | How to Upload your Own Environment

Coohom Advanced | How to Create Hidden Light Effect on Cabinets

Coohom Advanced | How to Use Different Light Sources

Coohom Advanced | How to Apply After-Effect for Renderings


3 steps for Light Customization

How to generate 360 Panorama

How to generate Video Rendering

Camera Settings Tips

5. Advanced Tool: Coohom Kitchen and Bath


Overview of Coohom Kitchen&Bath and Customization Tool

Coohom Kitchen and Bath | Introduction to KB Library Catalogue

Coohom Advanced | How to Create Customized Kitchen Cabinets

Coohom Advanced | How to Create Customized Wardrobe in the Bedroom


Introduction to Kitchen, Bath and Custom Furniture

6. Have more detailed Q&A with Webinar Record

Webinar: How to Use Construction Tool in Coohom

Webinar: How to Generate Photo-Realistic Renderings

Webinar: How to create Kitchen & Bath and customize cabinets

7. Some Tips & Tricks on cases

Tips & Tricks | How to Create Light Stripes Effects on Walls

Tips & Tricks | How to Draw Arch on a Wall

Tips & Tricks | How to Draw a Circular Room in Coohom

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